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Cecily Crout - Search Engine Optimist

Building websites since 1998, Cecily began her education and practise as a Search Engine Optimization Specialist in 1999.

The impetus for her ongoing work in this field is her love of the web as an information resource and means of communication, and her interest in and enthusiasm for search engines, search engine robots, and AI.

Her expertise in SEO, usability, development, conversion optimization, and digital analytics has been honed by 20+ years of experience and research, and built upon an academic foundation that includes Psychology, Cultural Studies, Communication Studies, Business Studies, and Management Information Systems.

Cecily likes to build, create and/or work with search engine friendly and visitor friendly websites. Her focus is twofold – for a user’s experience of a website to be easy and intuitive, and for the website owner to have an effective website that helps them meet their goals.