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Be Local Member Benefits

Website Optimization Benefits for Be Local Members

Supporting a Local Living Economy

Be Local Northern Colorado is dedicated to a Living Economy: locally-sustainable and globally-fair. Be Local supports independent community- and land-based businesses and advocates for a whole, resilient community and bioregion.

Definition:? A Living Economy ensures that economic power resides locally, sustaining healthy community life and natural life as well as long-term economic viability. www.livingeconomies.org

As a member of Be Local, CCSEO is pleased to offer the following benefits to our fellow members:

Choose any one of the following:

  • Free Local Search consultation
  • Free Google Places business listing set-up & optimization
  • Free Web Analytics set-up & review

BeLocal Northern Colorado
For new customers, discount off initial services*:

  • 10% off Search Engine Optimization Consulting & Services including:
    • search term research
    • website audit
    • title & meta data optimization
    • copy optimization
  • or

  • 10% off Web Design, Usability & Development Services including :
    • site architecture design
    • graphic design
    • usability testing & assessment
    • website build
    • other web development

(* Discount will be applied to all services included in an initial contract.)

If you are not already a member of Be Local Northern Colorado, visit their website now to learn more about all the member benefits you receive when you join this amazing network of local businesses.