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CCSEO has been building and optimizing websites for users and search engines since 1998.

We have an extensive client list, in a range of industries.

For most of our clients, we also provide ongoing services, such as consulting, active SEO/SEM campaign implementation, and website design and development. CCSEO constantly focuses on improving search engine optimization and increasing web visibility, website usability and conversions.

Here is a portfolio featuring a selection of our projects. We designed and developed the following websites to be visually appealing, usable and search engine friendly.

CCSEO collaborates and consults with JP Moran Design, Inc. and Jeff Jones Illustration on web graphic design projects and other visual communication needs.

To learn more about our clients and services please, contact us.

Ute Lodge


Ute Lodge, Gateway to the Flat Tops Wilderness

Ute Lodge is situated at the gateway to the Flat Tops Wilderness, providing cabins and other lodging and activities in the Colorado mountains.

CCSEO used existing design elements from the old Ute Lodge website to update the look and feel, and drastically improve usability and search engine friendliness. Built on the WordPress platform, the new Ute Lodge website gives the business owners direct control over their content, as well as a custom theme that is optimized for search engines.

Albert Pit Barbecue


Albert Pit Barbecue, Fort Collins Real Barbecue

Albert Pit Barbecue has award winning barbecue, and mostly provides catering services to northern Colorado.

CCSEO worked with Patrick Moran to implement a design update for Albert Pit’s website. In addition to updating the look and feel, CCSEO built the Albert Pit website on the WordPress platform, giving the business owners much-needed simple control over their content, and a new blog.

KRFC FM 88.9, Fort Collins Public Radio


KRFC FM 88.9, Fort Collins Public Radio

Fort Collins’ premier public radio station, KRFC, enlisted CCSEO to help rebuild their website. They were struggling with outgrowing their existing website’s bounds, and CCSEO helped them expand their podcasting functionality and gain control over their content by building them a new website in WordPress. CCSEO implemented a new design as well as all of the usual search optimization that we put into any website build.

Aqua Delight, Pure Drinking Water


Aqua Delight, Pure Water

CCSEO helped the recently launched Aqua Delight website optimize their search engine friendliness, and usability.

Mangrum-Strichart Learning Resources


Mangrum-Strichart Learning Resources, Study Skills Curriculums

CCSEO revised the outdated design and optimized the user experience for customers at Mangrum-Strichart’s study skills curriculum e-commerce store. The Mangrum-Strichart website was brought up to date with a fresh and friendly design and a modern shopping cart experience using the Magento platform.

Greentooth Resources


Greentooth Resources

Greentooth Resources is an organization dedicated to reducing waste in the healthcare industry. Greentooth provides “green” resources for patients and healthcare facilities such as dentists, doctors, hospitals. The website has related information regarding news, facility assessment, and a store with eco-friendly products.

Utilizing the Magento e-Commerce platform, CCSEO integrated product sales into the Greentooth website, allowing for easy and search friendly product listings, and the sale of eco-friendly product solutions to medical facilities.




NGVI NA Inc. serves the alternative fuel vehicle market, developing technology, systems, and products for alternative fuel engines.

NGVI’s goals in developing a website included improved search engine exposure, providing good information about their large range of products and services, and a web store to provide a simple and convenient way for their customers to place orders.

We chose Magento for the webstore, and since NGVI wanted to fully integrate the store with Quickbooks to manage inventory and sales, we used T-Hub as an intermediary to allow Magento and Quickbooks to communicate.

Since the launch of the new site, traffic has increased by 55%.

Colorado Paw Pages


Colorado Paw Pages

Colorado Paw Pages is a Northern Colorado print magazine, containing a pet products and services directory, as well as engaging articles and editorials about pet ownership. The Paw Pages website is an extension of the freely distributed print magazine, providing resources and information for visitors.

The challenge in developing the Paw Pages website was to bring the features of the print directory onto the web, in addition to adding interactive elements, and creating the foundation for an online community of animal lovers.

Since launch traffic to the website has increased by 161%.

Mr Box


Mr Box

Mr Box offers a wide variety of containers for sale or hire with locations throughout the UK.

Since having effectively redesigned their website in 2006, Mr Box has continuously added content and information resulting in what we like to call ‘site bloat’. This is where a website’s content grows beyond it’s original infrastructure, leading to reduced usability and search engine optimization. CCSEO worked with Mr Box to redesign the structure of the site, recategorizing content and highlighting the information that is most popular with visitors. We also restructured and rebuilt the website with search engine optimization in mind. Since launch traffic to the website has increased by 35%, time on site has increased and, accordingly, bounce rate has decreased. Conversion rate has also increased by more than 30%, measured by emails and enquiry form submissions from the website.

Redstone Ridge Construction


Redstone Ridge Construction

Mark and Leslie Wharton are the husband and wife team behind Redstone Ridge Construction. Redstone specializes in installation of residential solar and alternative energy products, as well as incredibly unique and beautiful interior remodeling, and new home construction. A local Northern Colorado company, Redstone utilizes green and eco-friendly construction materials and techniques.

The main focus of the Redstone Ridge Construction website rebuild was to showcase the company’s portfolio and unique style in a search friendly way. Using a custom search-engine-optimized gallery solution, Mark and Leslie are able to input new projects regularly, with the assurance that each of their projects will be seen by the user, as well as search engines.

Brigid Pasulka


Brigid Pasulka - 'A Long, Long Time Ago and Essentially True'Interactive Map

Brigid Pasulka is an award-winning short story writer. She has recently written and published her first novel, A Long, Long Time Ago and Essentially True, which weaves together two remarkable stories, re-imagining half a century of Polish history through the legacy of one unforgettable love affair.

As part of the promotion for her new novel, Brigid came to CCSEO wanting to create a search engine friendly site that maintained a fun, unique, and creative design. To enable Brigid to interact with her fans, and fans of Krakow, her site includes a blog and a section for fans to include their own stories.

In addition to promoting the sale of her new book, Brigid’s site has an interactive companion map, which shows visitors pictures of locations from Krakow, Poland, found in the book. The map was customized for the site and uses Google Maps technology .

CCSEO collaborated with Creative Harvest on the design of this website.

Van Wetzig, Massage Therapy


Van Wetzig, Massage Therapy & CranioSacral Therapy

Van Wetzig, a native of Colorado, has offered massage therapy in the Fort Collins and Loveland areas for over 12 years. He has been a massage instructor for more than 11 years.

In order to better describe his services and give his practice a distinct brand on the web, Van came to CCSEO to update his one-page brochure website. With a simple navigation, and a few additional pages, Van’s website now contains friendly introductions to his massage techniques, as well as a FAQ, testimonials, and a contact form. Van’s new site is optimized to highlight critical search terms, and expose his services to potential clients.

To better leverage his local search visibility we also worked with Van to claim/set up his local business listings at the major search engines.




How-to-study.com is a free study skills resource website, offering students dozens of study skills articles in English and Spanish and study tips.

The authors of How-to-Study came to CCSEO to help revitalize their aging website. CCSEO provided a new website design to help re-organize this always growing site. In addition to the new design, we were able to improve upon SEO basics, web development practices, optimize for search terms, and build a custom content management structure. The new content management scheme has automated much of the publishing process for new articles and study tips, reducing maintenance costs considerably. CCSEO also modernized the How-to-Study site by including an article RSS feed, and a Study Skills Blog.

Meridian Gate Kung Fu


Meridian Gate Kung Fu

Meridian Gate Kung Fu Center, a local martial arts studio, specializes in three forms of kung fu: Tai Chi , Tan Tui, and Hou

Lao Shi Yungeberg designed and built the original website himself, and in many ways it was working well for him. While the initial design and content was appealing, Lao Shi realized that the site could be
organized more effectively to improve the visitor experience, and it needed a search engine optimization strategy and implementation.

We didn’t feel it was necessary to change the overall design of the site, since the styling and colors worked well and already complimented Meridian Gate’s branding. The content was also
comprehensive and well planned, needing little improvement. CCSEO’s main goals were to rebuild the site, improve usability for both humans and search engines, and optimize for target search terms
relating to Meridian Gate’s services and specialties.

We also worked with Lao Shi to set up and optimize his local business listings to maximize local search traffic.




Based in Fort Collins, Colorado, Philomusica is a European music school for children and adults. They offer a variety of music classes, group piano classes, and individual instrument lessons throughout the year, with a comprehensive summer music program.

G?nter and Nicolette Bischof came to CCSEO in early 2008 wanting to improve their website’s search engine rankings and traffic. After assessing their website’s current visibility, evaluating search engine friendliness, and researching target search terms (keywords), CCSEO implemented SEO throughout the website. We did this with the minimal amount of cost and recoding possible to work within Philomusica’s budget at that time. The project resulted in an 80% increase in web traffic and a 160% increase in search engine traffic.

Earlier this year, Philomusica decided to refresh their website and bring it in line with their other marketing materials and current branding. This gave CCSEO the opportunity to completely redesign and recode the website, further improving usability, search engine friendliness, and search engine optimization. As a result, at time of writing, Philomusica’s overall web traffic has increased by an additional 3.5% and their search engine traffic increased by 23%. We expect this to improve further as the academic year gets underway.

CCSEO collaborated with Amanda Probst, JP Moran Design, Inc., and Kubatech Marketing on the design and presentation of this website.

Isolde Cort?s


Isolde Cort?s Sculptures

Isolde Cort?s is a classically trained figurative sculptor who has lived in Italy, the United States and Colombia.

Isolde asked CCSEO to rebuild her outdated website, which was originally created using search engine unfriendly Flash. One of the main goals of the site rebuild was to significantly improve usability – the old Flash site was frustrating to navigate. The new website is not only much more usable than the old site, it is now updated with Isolde’s newest sculptures, it allows for easy addition of new sculptures, and the site is also search engine friendly and optimized.

Jeff Jones Illustration


Jeff Jones Illustration

Jeff Jones Illustration specializes in custom and stock images and logo design.

Jeff Jones’ website was a challenge in that search engines don’t get nearly as much information from images as they do from text. Additionally most programming for dynamic user activated thumbnail presentations, such as this, is not search engine friendly.

CCSEO overcame these issues by specifically creating a search engine friendly method of thumbnail/enlarged image presentation. We also added target search terms to optimize the code so that both search engines and users can identify, rank, and find illustrations based upon their related descriptions.

As a start-up website, Jeffjonesillustration.com made exceptionally fast progress. It was indexed and ranked in the major search engines within two weeks of going live.

CCSEO collaborated with the website owner and Illustrator, Jeff Jones, on the design of this website.

Columbine Specialty Products


Columbine Specialty Products

Columbine Specialty Products specializes in the manufacture of liquid retail, food service, and specialty products. They needed a modern, professional website that would work as both an online brochure and an effective web-marketing tool.

CCSEO created a search engine friendly and usable website structure, making the website easy to navigate, and helping the search engines identify and rank the content. We detailed the company’s large array of products and services, using a simple and consistent presentation, making it easy for their target audience to find what they are looking for.

The website quickly gained first-page rankings in the major search engines for target terms, and it realized a corresponding and significant increase in conversions.

Anderson Outfitters


Anderson Outfitters

Anderson Outfitters is a family owned hunting and fishing outfitter in South Dakota providing guided hunts for individuals, groups, families and corporations.

Clay Anderson came to us with a very clear idea of how he wanted his new website to be, both for his potential customers as well as from a competitive perspective. He wanted a website that would be informative, visual, and professional, with a very clean and usable presentation.

One of the most challenging aspects in the design and SEO of this website is the incredible competition. Companies offering similar services may not have the most modern websites, but they are all 100% involved in what they do, and their web visitors know exactly what they’re looking for. Because we were launching this site into a saturated market, CCSEO had to make it stand out.

With abundant relevant content from Anderson Outfitters and a clear vision of what they wanted and what makes them stand out from the crowd, CCSEO was able to create an effective, optimized website that began gaining traffic and ranking for target terms in a much shorter time than expected.

International Dredging Review


Interational Dredging Review

International Dredging Review is a print and online resource that provides dredging industry news and information. In addition to the print magazine articles and information, the website includes a dredging forum, an online interactive version of IDR’s dredge owner and operators directory, and a shopping cart.

We were first contacted by IDR to help resolve some major spam issues they were having with their forum. Once those were fixed we began working on other website upgrades to improve look and feel, usability and conversion rates. Within a few months organic search traffic increased by 120%.

Dredgemag.com’s content is updated using a content management system (CMS). This allows IDR to update the website content themselves, keeping their web pages fresh and consistent with their print magazine updates.

Centre4 Testing


Centre4 Testing

Centre4 Testing is a UK contract recruitment employment business dedicated to the software testing industry.

Centre4testing.co.uk was in need of an overhaul to update the site, create a more professional look and feel, increase usability and make the website more search engine friendly.

CCSEO worked with Centre4 Testing to achieve these goals, creating a new website design, designing a more usable website structure, and implementing dynamically generated content to keep the website pages fresh and engaging. The result, to date website traffic has increased by 73%, and organic search traffic increased by 77%.

Mr Box


Mr Box

Mr Box offers a wide variety of storage and shipping containers for sale or hire with locations throughout the UK.

Mr Box’s needs were straightforward – they wanted to significantly increase their search engine traffic. Initially, CCSEO provided search engine marketing expertise, managing and improving Mr Box’s Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns. Traffic increased by 80% in the first few months. CCSEO then worked on optimizing the website for the search engines. The search engine optimization was so effective, Mr Box decided to drop their PPC advertising and rely on SEO only. Despite losing the PPC visitors, the effectiveness of the SEO not only gained the equivalent number of visitors, but also traffic continued to increase by an additional 36% over the following months.

In 2006, Mr Box decided to upgrade their website look and feel and usability with a new structure and design. Their new search engine and user-friendly website was launched in August 2006, and over the next few months their overall traffic increased by another 20%. Search engine traffic visitors increased by 25%.

ABR Fireplaces


ABR Fireplaces

ABR Fireplaces is a family owned company, based in Longmont Colorado, that specializes in indoor and outdoor fireplace installation and repair.

ABR needed a brochure website that would give them a web presence, and provide their current and potential customers an opportunity to review their services.

They also wanted the website to act as a catalogue to show the fireplaces offered by them through the manufacturers they work with.

Rather than duplicate detailed fireplace information already provided by the manufacturers, ABR chose to create an online catalogue with summaries, that link to the related manufacturer page.