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We’re excited to share a search engine ranking tool we’ve recently created and have just added to CCSEO.com.

This tool uses the search APIs from Google, Bing, and Yahoo to find the rank of a specified domain URL (website addresses) in the search results for a given search query (keyword/search term).

For example, if we enter the search term “seo” and the domain “wikipedia.org” the search results show that Wikipedia ranks first in each of the three search engines for the keyword “seo”. (The number of results checked is limited to 50 listings, owing to parameters set by the search engine APIs.)

We allowed for domain URLs both with and without the www prefix, it checks for both regardless of what is entered in the domain field. This functionality can alert you to whether any of the search engines have a website’s pages indexed with and without the prefix. In which case if it’s your website, you can take steps to rectify the matter.

Search Engine Ranking Tool

Additionally, (if the website is listed for the search query you entered) the tool shows the complete URL (web page address) of the ranking page, and gives you a link to click through to the SERP (search engine results page) to see the listing live at that search engine. This gives you additional information about how the listing appears, and who the surrounding competitors are.

We welcome you to use this tool to help you research domain ranking for target search terms in your SEO strategy, and your competitors’.? We hope that you find the interface simple and usable.

If you have any feedback, thoughts or suggestions, please leave a comment!

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