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Local Workshop Useful Information

Search Engine Logins

Google Maps/Places

* Same page for all three.

Yahoo Local

** Same page for both (click on 'Sign Up' to create an account).

Bing Local

*** & **** Same page.

Information for your business listings:

  • Business Information: company name, physical address, city, state, zip, main phone, website address, service area, hours of operation, payment options.
  • Photos & Videos: You can add photos and videos to your listings. Photos should be of your location if possible.
  • Business Description: Prepare a short business description of about 2-3 paragraphs, including keywords where possible. This description will need to be somewhat flexible to fit the character limits on the different services (maximum length on Google Places is 200 characters).

    » Click here to download a Word doc to help you organize your info.

Keyword Research & Category Identification

  • Find the keywords that users are typing in to find businesses like yours. Focus on broad keywords with high search volume.

    » Click here for a list of keyword research tools
  • Categories: Think about possible categories for your business listings, check Google, Yahoo & Bing to see what categories other businesses in your industry have chosen.
  • Competition: It is a good idea to view the listings of your competitors to help you determine what kind of information they are providing to your customer base already, and to allow you to brainstorm how to be competitive with your listings.

Local Search Ranking Factors 2010

In a yearly survey, 34 experts, including a handful of gurus from Canada and Europe, weigh in on over 60 factors that positively or negatively effect rankings in local search listings. The importance of the 'ranking factor' being discussed, the agreement level among the experts, and comments from the experts are all included.

» Click here for David's 2010 Ranking Factor survey results

Industry Recognized Local Search Experts

People to follow:

CCSEO Presentation Powerpoint

» Click here to download Cecily's Powerpoint Presentation

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