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PPC Management (Pay Per Click)

CCSEO offers paid search services which include set-up, maintenance and management of Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns at Google Ads & Bing Ads.

What is Pay Per Click?

CCSEO-Adwords-Certified-PartnerPaid SearchPay Per Click gives you the option to pay for listings (rankings) in the search results pages of search engines and/or on content related websites.

The paid results are often above and to the right of the regular organic search results (see Google results). Sometimes they are mixed in with the organic search results and identified as 'Sponsored Listing' or something similar (see Dogpile results).

In some search engines they are mixed in with regular search results but not identified as being paid advertising (which we consider a bit sneaky really - as most web users have a preference about clicking on organic or paid links).

Pay-per-click is also referred to and marketed as 'pay-for-performance', 'search marketing', '', 'paid advertising', 'pay-per-ranking', 'pay-per-placement', 'pay-per-position.'

For more information on the services provided by the major search engines click on the following links: ? Google AdWords ? Yahoo! Search Marketing ? Microsoft adCenter

What are the benefits of Pay Per Click?

Although Pay Per Click involves ongoing cost, in that you have to pay for every click-through to your website, well implemented campaigns bring in valuable, interested visitors, giving you an immediate return on your cost.

When you have web analytics set-up, you can track and measure your paid visitors and learn about their behavior and how it compares to the visitors that are driven by organic search.

Why choose CCSEO to manage your Pay Per Click campaigns?

CCSEO offers Pay Per Click services which include set-up, maintenance, and management of campaigns at Google Adwords, Yahoo! Search Marketing, Microsoft adCenter and other Pay Per Click services. We understand how paid search can be used to compliment your other web visibility efforts, and always work on keeping Cost-Per-Click costs down, while maximizing click-through rate and conversions.

As with all our web visibility services, we track and measure the results of all Pay Per Click marketing using a variety of web analytics services and applications.

CCSEO is also a Google AdWords Certified Partner, and we offer all new AdWords customers a $100 coupon, giving you a risk-free trial of the AdWords service.

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Page last updated: Feb 3, 2019