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Website Management

What website management services does CCSEO offer?

After your website is built, search optimized, and launched, CCSEO is ready to provide ongoing website management support.

We will help you maintain a competitive edge, and proper search optimization. CCSEO offers a wide range of management services depending on your needs, including:

  • Management of search engine indexing and listing results
  • Set up of search engine accounts & services
  • Website copy changes
  • Addition/Removal of web pages
  • Publishing of occasional updates: News, Tips, FAQs, Testimonials, Projects, New Products, New Pictures/Images
  • Regularly scheduled software updates (WordPress, Forum software, etc)
  • Regularly scheduled whole-site backups
  • Creation and scheduling of customer emails (newsletters)
  • Monitoring of analytics and metrics
  • Regular usability testing and monitoring
  • Suggestions of website enhancements based on metrics and usability information

Why should CCSEO manage my website?

As part of our design and development process, CCSEO always works with you to determine your maintenance needs - some people may plan to update their website content only a few times per year, while others publish weekly or daily updates. Some people are hands-on, and are able to commit time and effort towards updating their websites, while others have no time, or no inclination to manage their content. No matter where on the spectrum you might fall, CCSEO is ready to support your website management efforts.

Website management doesn't stop at content updates, and CCSEO is able to keep an eye on your overall web visibility, search optimization, site traffic, and usability. By allowing CCSEO to look at the big picture for you, you are able to focus on conducting your business, while we monitor the health of your website and provide you with important information when needed.

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Page last updated: Feb 9, 2019